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presentation on the web
website of a catering company called Etched in Elegance

different sideshows: 150 + photos

Let's build a visible website!

website Victoria Garden
                      This website gets 200000 visitors a month

Let's build a visible website!

This website contains interactive elements

Let's build a professional website!

Who Are We?

Kapsenberg Website Design:
Kapsenberg Website Design in Haarlem, Netherlands is a website design company for small and medium size businesses and organizations.

Our Goal:
Our only goal is to create a website that is successful for you.

A successful website means:
- your organization looks professional
- you can convince your visitors
- your website can be found on the web

We will build a
professional custom made
website for you

What Kapsenberg Website Design Offers:

  Extra packages:
  1. Photography

    We can take care of photography.
    We take professional quality photos.
  2. Content Management Systems

    CMS enables you to update the website yourself. Best for frequent updating.
  3. Maintenance Package

    Custom maintenance packages for those who exceed our free two hour/year maintenance.

Details Basic Package

  • SEO optimized programming

    In order to get a high Google ranking you need a website that is especially optimized for search engines. Our customized websites are programmed and structured on all levels to get the best SEO results. They will lead to a higher Google ranking than a template driven website would, which often are ignored by the search engines.
  • SEO optimized content

    We will explain how the search engines work and suggest the best structure to reach a high search engine ranking.
    If needed, we can suggest how to improve text that will be positively received by visitors and search engines.
  • Google Analytics

    We will connect your website to Google analytics, which allows you to keep an eye on your website performance.
  • SEO advice after launching

    Why pay a high monthly fee on SEO maintenance? We will advise you how to maintain your Google ranking after launching.
  • Professional design

    If you look around on the web, you will see the difference between a professional website and a template based one.
    We only design custom websites and take care of every detail for a professional presentation.
  • A custom made design

    Maybe you have a clear idea how your website should look.
    If not, we will look together at different sites to see what you like and what would be best for your business.
  • Images

    We will optimize every photo or image you send us and make them ready for the web. You will be surprised how much we can enhance your images.
  • Slide-shows and interactive elements

    We can add different visual elements like sideshows or program interactive elements that react when visitors click on or hover over.
    If done professionally, it will present additional information in a very visitor friendly way, without overloading the page.
  • Visitor friendly website

    We take care that visitors will find all information easily, anytime, and everywhere, on the website.
  • Website that convinces visitors

    If needed, we can help to organize the content of your website to get the best results.
  • Domain name and hosting

    We will assist you in purchasing your domain name and the hosting of you choice. You will be the owner and always have full control.
  • Technical assistance

    We will set up the website on the hosting server of your choice. If technical problems with the hosting company arise we will help to solve the problem.
  • Service and support

    We offer yearly two hours free service and support. This will be enough for most small updates.

Kapsenberg Website Designer in Haarlem, Netherlands

tel. 530-229-1621

How we work at Kapsenberg Website Design

Free initial consultation

Kapsenberg website Design in Haarlem, Netherlands will invite you for a free initial consultation.
This meeting can take place here in Haarlem, or by phone or Skype.

Inventory wishes and needs

During this meeting we will discuss what we can do for you.

Fixed price quote

Based on this free consultation we will give you a fixed price quote.


In order to protect you we will offer you a contract stating our obligations, a time frame, the client's lawful ownership of the website and payments.

Designing the website

We will work closely together with you. You can follow the progress of your website on-line. We will send you a link and invite you to comment on our work anytime.

Making website live

When you are satisfied with the result we will assist you with purchasing a domain name and hosting and finally we can launch the website to the world wide web.

Yearly free support

After the launch of the website you are entitled to two hours of free support a year.


We are proud to say that we always handle small updates the same day or the next day.

Our customers reviews show that we are:





and we do everything to help you.

What makes Kapsenberg Website Design different?

Integrated Search Engine Optimization

In every stage of the website design we optimize the website not only to impress the visitors but also the search engines.
After launching we offer free advice on how to maintain and improve SEO to save you a great deal on monthly SEO maintenance costs.

We offer a complete basic package for a successful website

Find out details about our basic website design package.
This will give you a good insite in how we will succeed in designing a successful professional website for you.

We are trustworthy

In our contract we list all our obligations.
You will be the legal owner of the website and always have full control over the hosting.

We are dedicated and work fast

We will include a time frame in the contract.
Small updates: in general the same or the next day.

We have reasonable prices

Contact us for a free initial consultation and you will be surprised about the quote we give you for our extensive packages.

But why trust our words?

Ask our clients
Read their reviews
Look at our portfolio

Convince yourself
Feel free to contact us anytime
and make an appointment for a free consultation

Kapsenberg Website Design, Haarlem, Netherlands