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Reviews from Clients

Kapsenberg Website Design, Haarlem, Netherlands

Review from BEC LLC

In the short period I have worked with Barbara, our relationship has moved beyond the traditional “Web Designer – Customer” relationship to a true partnership in part due to Barbara's hard work, creative and refreshing designs and understanding of what is required to implement an effective website in the timeframe required. I enjoy working with Barbara in every aspect and pleased that we have cultivated and grown our business partnership. Barbara is a true professional focused on maximizing the value and exposure of my company and definitely consider her to be a key asset to my marketing organization.

Ben E. Cendana, President, BEC LLC, San Jose, CA

Review from TLC Care Plus

TLC Care Plus needed an appealing, professional, visitor friendly website. Our site had to be equally effective in presenting Home Health Care Services to Physicians, patient/clients and potential employees. Barbara became an invaluable design partner as she took our “rough draft” web concept, redesigned it, conceptually enhanced our basic idea and completed the project within 10 days! Her commitment to excellence was not compromised by time pressure. It is our experience and visible in their work, that Kapsenberg Design offers unique web solutions with a personal, unparalleled passion toward every


Review from Etched in Elegance Catering

I met with Barbara to discuss the design of a web site for my catering company. I had contacted other designers and was very disapointed by their lack of enthusiasim and comittment.
The very first meeting Barbara asked me to think about what I wanted to convey to the public about my company and what its vision was. She had already researched other sites prior to my arrival and after answering her questions presented me with a shell document that she thought I might like. To my amazement she and I had the same vision. After that meeting I knew I had found my web designer.
Barbara not only traveled with my company to events she also took photos, spoke with my clients and their guests in order to learn their feelings about our work.
Kapsenberg Web design worked so quickly that I found myself to be the slow one dragging the work out. Barbara was so efficient that within 4 weeks after our meeting we were ready to launch the site.
I would recommend Barbara Kapsenberg to anyone looking for a dedicated and driven designer.
Thank you Barbara you are truly amazing!

Robin Lentz, Redding,CA
Etched in Elegance Catering Company


Review from Nanounity

“My company switched to Kapsenberg design one year ago. At the time our web presences needed big improvements. Barbara took the time to understand our business, worked with us to develop new content and look, that has greatly increased visits to our site and leads contacting our company. I personally work and collaborate with Barbara on our web marketing strategy, she is dedicated, professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a website design professional.”

Brad Rangell, Vice President and Co-founder, Nanounity, Santa Clara, CA

Review from Miriam Waterman

I am an artist and along with that a perfectionist. Needless to say I am not the easiest person to work with. Only the best will do. That is why I appreciated working with Barbara. She took the time to talk to me, review my work and to scrutinize all the possibilities. She went above and beyond to ensure that my website would represent my work in its best light. Her patience, attention to detail, and my every request made working with Barbara a pleasure, a great feat considering my lack of knowledge and slight aversion to any technological work. Above all, Kapsenberg’s work speaks for itself.

Miram Waterman, New Orleans


Review from "The White House"

Engaging Barbara Kapsenberg to design the website for our wedding venue was possibly the smartest decision we made.  The White House at Churn Creek Golf Course is off to a vigorous start and over 90% of our prospective customers tell us that they became interested in our property because of what they saw on the internet website.  Barbara brought a keen artistic sense to her design that resulted in the perfect “feel” for our property – the website literally sells our customers before we ever meet them face to face.  Her advice and knowledge has proved invaluable and she continues to support us after the fact with suggestions and answers to our questions as well as making any needed additions and/or changes to our website.  We feel fortunate to have found such a savvy designer for our business and count her as a friend as well as a colleague.

Deborah Devine, Redding, CA


Review from "Dee Stuff 4 Pets"

When we first talked to Barbara we immediately noticed how knowledgeable she was about websites, but that was not what made us move forward. What really got our attention was her drive, her passion. This passion did not diminish over time. Even when she had to leave town for a while we were still able to communicate and get things done. She is a very hard worker and is motivated to problem solve until everybody is satisfied with the result. One of the things we liked best about Barbara is her willingness to exchange ideas until we came up with something great! She is also creative and innovative with the camera and graphics. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with our webmaster, Barbara for many years. Check out the website she did for us and see for yourself. It's awesome!

Denis Benoit & Cris Williams, Redding, CA

Review from "Hand Woven Rugs"

The thing that impresses me most about Barbara Kapsenberg is her intelligence. And, this is a woman who is driven to please. If your website is not perfect, then she will not stop working on it. It can be hard to keep up with her pace, If I say, "Do you think this needs changing?" She says. "Yes, I felt the feel of that page was wrong, also, so here are three pages I have completed with different moods for you to choose from." It takes my breath away.

Here is someone who speaks at least three languages fluently, and it is my opinion that this vast knowledge, and deep understanding brings an element to her web page designs that you will not find elsewhere. Creative, intellegent, driven, and she goes the extra mile. I owe Barbara a world of gratitude for the professional photography she did for my website. She has a work ethic that is not easy to find these days.

I recommend Kapsenberg Design to someone contemplating launching their own website, or upgrading an existing one. If you are looking for value for your dollar, a strong work ethic, extremely high quality work, fast results, and a pleasant person to work with, then you will not find a better match than Kapsenberg Design.

Pat Monié, Redding, CA / Bandon, OR


Review from Leslie Irey Garden Design

Barbara and I became acquainted through our gardening community here in Redding, California initially through the Turtle Bay Arboretum.  I was aware that she was a highly driven and passionate volunteer and also had a reputation as an excellent photographer.  Our paths crossed several times in the spring of 2010, and she approached me for some photos of my garden for her extensive and informative Victoria Garden website, a very useful resource for our local gardeners.  Although I had previously photographed my property, Barbara’s photo interpretation of my garden was exquisitely done, artfully approached, and portrayed precisely the style and feeling of my garden design.  Through her camera lens the site’s beauty was communicated in a very unique way.  As a garden designer I realized that pictures could speak much louder than words in relaying my message, and saw the need for an online portfolio to both attract and refer potential clients.

When Barbara indicated her interest and ability to design a website for me, I was slightly hesitant due to my technical inexperience.   But I quickly realized, knowing Barbara’s hard work ethic, enthusiasm, and attention to detail, and the fact that she was a fellow horticulturalist, that our goals were aligned.

Our website construction sessions sharing her technical knowledge and bouncing off creative ideas together were fascinating to me.  I gained a new appreciation for the expertise and creativity involved in the creation of such a project.  The meetings with Barbara flew by, and I always looked forward to the next one.  Through the process she was very patient and determined to get to know me as an individual, and to create a website that would truly represent my philosophy as a designer.  As my garden design niche reflects a very different approach in the landscape industry, this was important to me.

I believe Barbara was successful in this attempt.  Judging by my feedback to the website, a theme emerged.  Comments such as “artfully done”, “easy to navigate”, and “very clear in the message” were common.  The Portfolio section displaying her excellent photography is always commented on.  Even the “serenity of the site” is conveyed to the browser. Throughout the experience I was impressed by Barbara’s patience, skill, and thoughtful approach to tackling my project.  I look forward to working further with her in the future as we continue to enrich the site.

Leslie Irey, Redding, CA


Review from the Churn Creek Golf Association

Late in 2008 as Secretary for Churn Creek Golf Association, I got the idea of having a website to promote our Organization. Just having met Barbara Kapsenberg she indicated that she does website design and could do a professional job for me.
My first thought was wow could it be that easy? So we got together to discuss the project. The first question to me was what was the reason for a website? Second, what were our goals and the end results that we expected? Barbara opened my eyes to a multitude of things we needed to consider because our needs were very complex. First we needed to promote our association by recognizing the active membership and its achievements without sacrificing the usefulness of the site. Then we needed to dedicate much of the site geared to the recruitment of new members. Finally we needed to promote the golf course where we play which has its own complexity since the Course and Association is of separate identities. Barbara listened very carefully to our needs and desires. The one thing we did not want was our site looking like a used car advertisement that you would find in the Sunday newspaper.
From beginning to end Barbara worked very closely with me. When I had something I wanted to do she would carefully look at it and would try to integrate my ideas as long as it did not sacrifice the design integrity. Barbara was totally dedicated to making our site professional looking by paying attention to even the smallest of details.
In the end we feel the finished website design accomplished all of our needs and goals with stunning effect. We could not be happier. I highly recommend Barbara and Kapsenberg Website Design for all your website design needs. We proudly offer our new website for your review at

Rick Faller, Redding,CA
Secretary, Churn Creek Golf Association


Review from Ten Have Advies

Our web site was constructed by Barbara Kapsenberg and we have nothing but good experiences working with her as she is very creative and cooperative. Although our communication was restricted to telephone calls and the internet (we live in different continents) we feel she completely understood our targets and wishes.
Prior to her work we had long telephone calls (on her account) while we both looked at our computer screens and she showed possible set ups and schemes for the site.
We were no easy customers and not all our wishes were formulated as clear as they should be. Nevertheless, every new idea and all details we proposed were taken seriously by her and where possible included in the final result. If she could not do so immediately she did it later as she needed to take into account the structure of the site.The result can be found on

Tineke ten Have of Ten Have Advies, Bentveld, Netherlands